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No.1, April, 1994


Philosophy and History of Science, founded in 1993
Syllabus of the new academic year
New junior students
Profile of Prof. Soshichi Uchii
First major students came this year.
No.2, May 1994 Some of Our Books on History and Philosophy of Science
Summary of 1993 activities
No.3, June, 1994 S. Uchii, "Do you want to read such translations as this?----Kuhn's Copernican Revolution, tr. by K.Tsuneishi" Book review

No.4, September 1994

Book Review: Japanese translation of C.R.Mollenhoff's Atanasoff: forgotten father of the computer by T.Saisho and Y.Matsumoto (S.Uchii) Book review

No.5, October 1994

S. Uchii, "From our Lectures: The development of the kinetic theory of gases"  
No.6, December 1994 1. S. Uchii, "M. Dummett's Lecture in Kyoto"
2. Abstract of Uchii's presentation "Probabilistic Revolution" for Kansai Phil. Assoc.
3. Preview: S. Uchii's Introduction to Philosophy of Science

No.7, January 1995

Associate Professor Nominated
Book Review: Y.Murakami's What are the Scientists? (S.Uchii)
Our Courses for the Coming Year

K.Ito joined the Department.

Book review

No.8, April 1995

Japanese Translation: L.Boltzmann's "On the Indispensability of Atomistic in the Natural Science", by K.Inoue and S.Uchii  

No.9, May 1995

S.Uchii, "Wes and Merrilee Salmon Visit Japan"
News of our Department

No.10, June, 1995

K. Ito, "Recent Studies on Galileo"
Our Activities in 1994

No.11, September 1995

S. Uchii, "Recent Studies on Evolution and Ethics"  

No.12, October 1995

Book Review: F.Satoh's Science and Happiness (S.Uchii) Book review
No.13, March 1996 S. Uchii, "Our Students's Graduation Theses"
Our Courses for the Coming Year
Our Activities in 1995
Preview: S.Uchii's Theories of Evolution and Ethics
First graduate students came
NO.14, June 1996 S. Uchii, "International Fellows Conference in Italy"
New Juniors and New Graduate Students
Information of the Graduate Program
Recent Visitors

No.15, September 1996

S. Uchii, "Laplace against the French Lottery"  

No.16, February 1997

Abstracts of Graduation Theses
(1) Emiko Itoh, "The Scope of Ethical Considerations in Environmental Ethics";
(2) Akira Ueda, "Poincare's Conventionalism: its geometrical aspect";
(3) Makoto Matsubara, "Recombinant DNA and NIH Guidelines"

No.17, May 1997

Book Review: Soshichi Uchii, "Akira Tonomura's Seeing Gauge Fields, Koudansha, March 1997"
New Junior Students
Our Activities in 1996
Book review

No.18, September 1997

Tetsuji Iseda: Can epistemology be social?: A review of recent attempts in social epistemology English

No.19, November 1997

A Report on the Forum: Evolutionary Understanding of Humanity: Humanities, Social Sciences, and The Theory of Evolution

M.Daly and M.Wilson (Univ. of McMaster, Canada)
M.Ruse (Univ. of Guelph, Canada)
S.Uchii (Kyoto Univ.)
O.Sakura (Yokohama National Univ.)
Chair: Mariko Hasegawa (Senshu Univ.)

(1) Abstracts and short notes about the speakers
(2) S.Uchii, "Comments on Professor Ruse's View" (full text)


No.20, April 1998

Kazuyuki Ito: Sun Worship and Heliocentricism

(1) Abstracts in English and in Japanese

(2) Full Text

New Students

Our Activities in 1997


No.21, August 1998

1. News from Our Lab, S. Uchii

2. "The Social Responsibility of the Scientist" Abstract, July 29, the Summer School for young astronomers), S. Uchii

3. "Utility and Preferences" (Abstract for a symposium on J. S. Mill, The Japanese Society for the History of Economic Thought), S. Uchii


No. 22, December 3, 1998

Soshichi Uchii: Bibliographical Notes on the Philosophy of Space and Time  

No. 23, February 1, 1999

The Master's Theses and the Graduation Theses of this Year  
No. 24, March 29, 1999

Daisuke Kaida: Van Fraassen's Modal Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

(English abstract and Japanese text)

English abstract

No. 25, May 6, 1999

1. Soshichi Uchii, Biographies of Michael Faraday

2. Our Avtivities in '98


Book review

No. 26, June 8, 1999

Soshichi Uchii, Book Review: Albert E. Moyer, Joseph Henry: The Rise of an American Scientist, Smithonian Institution Press, 1997.


Book review

No. 27, August 4, 1999

Soshichi Uchii, Book Review: Glenn T. Seaborg, A Chemist in theWhite House, American Chemical Society, 1998.


Book review

No. 28, September 14, 1999

Soshichi Uchii, Book Review: Jinzaburo Takagi, Towards the Citizen's Science, Asahi Shinbunsha, 1999. Book review
No. 29, October 4, 1999 Soshichi Uchii, Book Review: Martin Harwit, (Japanese translation of) An Exhibit Denied--Lobbying the History of Enola Gay, Misuzu shobo, 1997. Book review
No. 30 , January 21, 2000 Soshichi Uchii, Book Review: A. Desmond and J. Moore, (Japanese translation of) Darwin: the life of a tormented evolutionist, Kosaku-sha, 1999 Commemorating the 30th issue, (1)-(7) completed, Feb. 14
No. 31, February 3, 2000 The Graduation Theses and Master's Thesis of This Year  
No. 32, April 18, 2000

1. Book Review by S. Uchii: Nagayasu Shimao, Faraday, Iwanami, March 2000 [Japanese]

2. Our Activities in 1999

Book review
No. 33, June 8, 2000 Soshichi Uchii, Wes and Merrilee Salmon in Kyoto University English
No. 34, June 29, 2000 Merrilee H. Salmon, A Moral Dilemma for Social Scientists: How to resolve conflicting duties English
No. 35, July 4, 2000

Wesley C. Salmon, Causation: A Realistic Account

No. 36, September 14, 2000

Book Review by Soshichi Uchii:

Highfield, R. and Carter, P., The Private Lives of Albert Einstein, 1993 and

Zackheim, M., Einstein's Daughter: the search for Lieserl, 1999.

Book review
No. 37, November 9, 2000

Book Review by Soshichi Uchii:

Ian Hacking, The Social Construction of What?, 1999.


Book review

No. 38, January 29, 2001

The Graduation Theses and Master's Theses, 2001

No. 39, March 13, 2001

Kazuyuki ITO, Galileo's Mathematical Atomism

No. 40 , April 3, 2001

Soshichi Uchii , The Human Genome Project: from Nature 409

No. 41 , May 17, 2001

1. Soshichi Uchii, Euler on Space and Time, Physics and Metaphysics

2. Our Activities in 2000

No. 42 , July 10, 2001

Book Review by Soshichi Uchii: The End of Time, or the Beginning of the New Machianism? The End of Time by Julian Barbour


Book review

No. 43 , October 16, 2001 Book Review by Soshichi Uchii: The Discovery of Dynamics by Julian Barbour


Book review

No. 44 , February 5, 2002 (corrected Feb. 8)

The Graduation Theses and Master's Theses, 2002

No. 45 , March 25, 2002 Soshichi Uchii, Pittsburgh Revisited, and Other Remarks  
No. 46 , July 11, 2002

Soshichi Uchii, What Do Darwin and Einstein Have in Common?

Our Activities in 2001

No. 47 , November 1, 2002 Kazuyuki Ito, Abstract of "Galileo's Mathematical Theory of Motion" (Doctrate Thesis)  
No. 48 , December 5, 2002

Soshichi Uchii, Darwin's Demon

No. 49 , February 4, 2003 The Graduation Theses and Master's Theses, 2003  
No. 50, March 11, 2003 10th Anniversary Special Issue (12 essays)  
No. 51, June 24, 2003

Soshichi Uchii, Recent Studies on the Soviet Nuclear Project

Our Activities in 2002


Book review

No. 52, July 22, 2003

Soshichi Uchii, Edward Teller's Memoirs


Book review

No. 53, January 16, 2004 Book Review by Soshichi Uchii: Alice Row Burks, Who Invented the Computer?


Book review

No. 54, February 3, 2004 Book Review by Soshichi Uchii: Randal Keynes, Annie's Box---Charles Darwin, his Daughter and Human Evolution


Book review

No. 55, June 17, 2004  

1. Cracow Revisited: 5th Quadrennial International Fellows Conference, by Soshichi Uchii

2. Our Activities, 2003

No. 56, November 5, 2004
Soshichi Uchii, Einstein and the Philosophy of Space and Time  
No. 57, February 2, 2005 Soshichi Uchii, Theses 2005, and How to Write a Thesis    
No. 58, June 21, 2005 Book review by Soshichi Uchii: Brian Greene, The Fabric of the Cosmos, and Lee Smolin, Three Roads to Quantum Gravity


Book review

No. 59, Sept. 9, 2005   The Riddle of Space and Time, by Soshichi Uchii   
No. 60, January 23, 2006 How should we read the Leibniz-Clarke Correspondence, by Soshichi Uchii  

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