Standard Transducer

Over 25MHz = Polymer Transducer: pdf file
High Frequency, High Resolution, Wide Band Curved crystal for test measure thickness of thin material for detect fine cracks
5...20MHz Wideband,
High Resolution=0-3composite transducer:
pdf file
Wider band
Big Crystal size
2..35MHz High sensitivity = 1-3 composite transducer: pdf file

Kt=about 80%

Very high sensitivity

Wider band

0.5...2MHz Wider band = Low frequewncy ceramic transducer:
pdf file
Wide Bnad

Active Transducer

High performance in all : resolution, sensitivity ....
for Lower Frequency DC...5MHz : pdf file
for Higher Frequency 2...100MHz : pdf file

Special Transducer

Inner Ring Transducer: pdf file

from inside of tube

full 360 dgree test with small number of crystals

Outer Ring Transducer: pdf file

from outside of tube

full 360 dgree test with small number of crystals

Sheet Transducer: pdf file
Thickness of only 1mm
Flexble Transducer: pdf file
Flexble Paint Brash transducer
Big Crystal Transducer: pdf file
Big Crystal syze

Order made:

Production limit
Crystal size:0.2mm....100mm

Ordering Process:
1) Design by Free Software : Focus Design or by your self(CSV.file)
2) Send us the data file with the other specification
3) Machining the curverture of Dumper or Delay line(Wedge) by NC
4) Put on flexible 0-3,1-3 or polymer crystal on it

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