Momo's Story: Uncle Puppy's Death (1)

Uncle Puppy's Death (1)

Hi! This is Momo again, and I will tell you a sad story about Uncle Puppy. Remember, Uncle Puppy is a dog who lived with our family, when I was adopted by the family.

Once upon a time ...

There was a Japanese male dog, adopted by a human family. He was in a display box (with the price card on it) in a pet shop, and he was sleeping. Then came that family, father, mother, and two daughters who insisted on buying a dog. The dog did not look good because he was on his back, with his four feet pointing to the ceiling! And the family was inclined to choose another puppy, somewhat cheaper than him. But before they decide, they visited another place, and came back to the shop about an hour later.

[How the dog looked]

By that time, the dog was awake and active; then the family came back, and looking at him, they instantly deceided to buy him, although the price was pretty handsome! He looked so cute! The father named him "Puppy", because he was indeed a puppy. That's how Uncle Puppy became a member of our family, in the year of 1985.

[Puppy with two daughters, 1985]

On the opposite side of our family's house across the street, there was another family very fond of animals; they had two dogs (Paul, a collie, and Mari, once a stray dog) and one Siamese cat (Goppe). When our family was out for a travel, Puppy was taken care of by this family, and he liked them very much. (The smallest in the picture is Puppy.)

[Puppy with friends, Mari, Paul, and Goppe, 1985]

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