Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta passo corto(SWB),1961 Scale 1:18

Ferrari is known as the manufacturer of Gran Turismo cars, which enjoy a most prestigious reputation in the world. From the mid-50's to the early 60's, the 250GT Berlinetta dominated in the GT racing series. This model started out with the long wheelbase. From 1959 till its phase-out in 1962, it switched to the short wheel base known as “passo corto”or “SWB.”Between 1959 till 1962, some 165 cars were made from the short wheel base model. To this day, virtually no other model has made such a lasting and sensational impact on the history of Ferrari and had chosen to drive a 250, Among them were Stirling Moss, Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips, John Surtees and Maurice Trintignant, to name just a few.
CMC has dedicated itself to reproducting the luxury (Lusso) edition of the 250 GT SWB based on a street-version (Stradale) built in 1961.
Technical data of the original vehicle
(street version, Lusso type)
-twelve-cylinder V-engine with two top-positioned camshafts
-Bore x stroke: 73 x 58.8 mm
-Displacement: 2953 ccm
-Maximum output: 250 hp at 7000 rpm
-Top speed: 250 km/h
-Wheel base: 2400 mm
-Total length: 4150 mm
-Steelbody (doors and hoods made of aluminum)
-Production period / units made 250GT SWB: 1959-1962 (approx. 165 units)
-Phase-out: 1962

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