Rokko Doublebass summerschool was held with 4 lecturers and 34 participants on August,14th-16,2005
at RCN Hall and RCN CUBE on the Mountain Rokko in Kobe,Japan.
@We enjoyed concerts with various ensembles, individual lessons and group lessons during three hot days.

From Louisiana university in the United States
We invited Ms. Professor Yung-chiao Wei
She is giving a lecture about french bow-holding.
She explains usage of weight of both arms.
All participants could have 2 individual lessons
with lecturers they chose and one group lesson
during the summerschool.
Lecturer Murakami gives lesson.
Bassissimo-Okuda lessons student about the Rossini's cello &bass duo.
I played sometimes the Cello part.
The Group lesson was done on the final day.
Lecturer Yoshida gives a group lesson titled"Vibrato"
"Can you make a Vibrato while singing, do you do it well?!"
asked Yoshida.
Group lesson on the final day.
Lecturer Murakami
"Contrabass performance method and general"
The group lesson of Bassissimo-Okuda is titled
"variety of Jumping bow playing"
I taught various examples of orchestra studies.
Father army corps @ lunch time
Ms.Yung-Chiao Wei gives very powerful lesson with gesture
because she explains in english only and It is actually a little dificullt to understand for common japanese.
[Nighttime concert]
We came back after a dinner at Rokkosan Hotel on 2nd night,
the night concert began at 10 o'clock.
We played various kinds of ensembles,
and we enjoyed listening to classics,
jazz, improvisations and comical dialogue!
and drinking!!

high school girls +1
Jazz"Dead leaf"v
OK ranch
Eccles: Sonata
The third Etude from Simandl's 30 etudes
Bassissimo + PC
Romberg: Duo Sonata
Old Kentucky Home
Parent and child of healing
Duo "Akashi strait"
Bottesini: Duo
China&Japan Friendship Duo
from the Carmen suite
Fathers band
Quail egg and milk bottle
Bramby: From the suite
MITSUSHI and Tamagawa BOYS
Hymn to love
Mature woman
and soft-boiled Boys
Japanese folksong"ENKA" medley
Ladies' & Jentlemen
Yung-chiao brought her two year old son, lovely Evan
and her nice husband David to Japan together.
Yung-chiao and Bassissimo played Bottesini's Duo
and will also play together 2 Duo concerts after this school on 16th&17th.
"Andante" from Passione Amorosa.
It is an improvisation comic dialogue
by lecturer Yoshida and student Se.
After having taken everyone's large bursting out laughing,
the contrabass quartet was performed.
Lecturer Yoshida's Bergonzi groans to gals!!
"Dead leaf" was performed by jazz duo with a piccolo base and a normal size

As a last part of the "Nighttime concert" "Japanese Folksong ENKA medley"
was performed by all 4 lecturers and 2 students together.

Yung-chiao played also typical japanese melody
very nice expressively together with us.

After this summerschool we went down from the mountain ROKKO,
and gave the Duo concert at a live house"Pia Julien" in Kobe city.

A lot of participants came to listen.
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