The intimate space for "茶の湯(Cha-no-yu : tea hospitality)"

865koizumi-chou Yamatokoriyama-city Nara pref, JAPAN
Phone 0743-53-3004

       The temple was founded in 1663 by Sekishu Katagiri to pray for the happiness
          of his father's departed soul.
            Sekisyu Katagiri was a feudal lord of this area.
       This temple belongs to the Rinzai sect of the Zen Buddhism.
       Sekishu Katagiri has received instruction from Priest Sohaku of Daitokuji temple
          and had mastered the way of Zen Buddhism and Tea ceremony,
          in which he put his "Beauty of Wabi" theory into practice.
               ("tea ceremony" is a part of "tea hospitality")
       Passing on the "Arare" pavement through the "Ibarakimon" gate
          one can easily find a country-styled drawing room.
       In  front of the drawing room there is an excellent garden which is famous
          for its grand shrubbery.
       A larger view of the Yamato plain and hills is beautifully contrasted with
          main temple, tea room, drawing room, trees, stones, and grass.
       The whole of this temple is the place to entertain a guest with the tea hospitality.
       It is rare that the whole of the necessary place for the tea hospitality is left at present.

    [for Visitors]
        Open   9:00 - 17:00
        Admission fee    1000yen per person (Less than 6 years old are free of charge)
             It takes 15 minutes from "Yamato Koizumi" station of JR-Yamatoji-line to our temple on foot.

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