Super Mixer AR "Awatori Rentato" series

Basic concept:
Revolve the cup in high centrifugal force to remove bubbles
Rotate the cup slowly to mix material in the cup

1.Quicker mixing
2.Bubble removal
3.No blade need = No cleaning
4.Liquid to high adhesive/viscosity materials like as clay(works as kneader)
5.Any combination of powder&liquid(epoxy resin)/powder&powder/liquid&liquid/clay& ....
6.Standardize the mixing procedure
7.Keeping the shape of fiber or powder
8.Without solid state properties
9.Two mode: Mixing mode and Bubble removal mode
Example1: Silver paste, Mixing mode 30sec

Example2: Epoxy resins + Hardener + Alumina powder, Mixing mode 4min+Bubble memoval mode 2.5min.

Example3: clay(High adhesive material)

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Brochure of AR series
AR series SUPER MIXER page1gif file 356kB
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