Assorted Index for Uchii's Online Articles

Articles are written in English unless otherwise indicated.

During the past 9 years at Kyoto University, I have written a number of online articles for the students of the history and philosophy of science; and I will continue to publish similar articles after my retirement in March 2006. Here is the assorted index for my articles.

According to Subjects
Logic and related fields   Philosophers without logic is a fake
Philosophy of science in general   Don't forget hardcore philosophy of science
History of science   Philosophy without history is empty, and history without philosophy is blind
Methodological problems   Come on, who believes in "anything goes"?
Probability and confirmation   Kuhnians and constructivists need probability
Philosophy of physics   Philosophy without physics is dull
Space and time   Who's afraid of space and time?
Philosophy of biology   Humans are an animal
Evolutionary theories   Darwin enjoys longevity than Marx
Science and Society   Scientists, don't forget your basis and humanity
Ethics   Ethics with more science and intelligence
On our Students' works   Hard work, poor work, good and bad
Miscellanies   Teachers need humor, art, and relaxation


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