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Bill Perkins,tenor saxophone and clarinet
Jan Luncgren,piano
Dave Carpenter,bass
Paul Kreibich,drums
Jack Sheldon,vocal


1.Shoe Shine Bot (Cahn-Chaplin)
2.Easy Living (Robin-Rainger)
3.Pound Cake (Count Basie-Harry Edison)
4.Lester Leaps In (Leaster Young)
5.Song of The islands (King)
6.Shorty George (Count Basie)
7.I Must Have That Man (Fields-McHugh)
Foolin' Myself(Lawrence-Tinturin)
8.Taxi War Dance (Count Basie-Lester Young)
9.Blue And Sentimental (Basie-David-Livingston)
10.Oh,Lady Be Good! (I.Gershwin-G.Gershwin)
Way Down Yonder In New Arleans (Creamer-Layton)
You Can Depend On Me (Hines-Carpenter-Dunlap)
11.Dickie's Dream (Count Basie-Lester Young)
12.Easy Does It (Sy Oliver-Trummy Young)
13.Let Me See (Count Basie-Harry Edison)
14.I Left My Baby (Basie-Gibson-Rushing)

1995.7.25/12.1[Opus 3 CD 19405]


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