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Jan Lundgren,piano
Tom Warrington,bass
Joe La Barbera,drums

1.Let's Get away from It All(Tom Adair)
2.Violets for Your Furs(Tom Adair)
3.Relax(Matt Dennis)
4.Everything Happens to Me(Tom Adair)
5.Will You still Be Mine?(Tom Adair)
6.Angel Eyes(Earl Brent)
7.That Tired Routine Called Love(Ted Steele)
8.The Night We Called It a Day(Tom Adair)
9.Show Me the Way to Get out of This World(les Clark)
10.Little Man with a Candy Cigar(Brigham Townsend)
11.We Belong Together(Don Lodice)
12.Spring Isn't Spring Anymore(Ginny Dennis)

2003.5.10&11.[FRESH SOUND: FSRCD 5040]


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