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Jan Lundgren,piano
Jesper Lundgaard,bass
Alex Riel,drums

1. Will You Still Be Mine(T.Adair,M.Dennis)
2. The Lonely One(L.Hambro,R.Heller)
3. Jitterbug Waltz(F.Waller)
4. When Sunny Gets Blue(M.Fisher,J.Segal)
5. Blues For Jesper(J.Lundgren)
6. Trubbel(O.Adolphson)
7. Caravan(D.Ellington,J.Tizol)
8. A New Town Is A Blue Town(R.Adler,J.Ross)
9. Falling In Love With Love(R.Rodgers,L.Hart)
10. One For y Baby(H.Arlen,J.Mercer)
11. Who Can I Turn To(L.Bricusse,A.Newley)

2001.04.24.-25.[Marshmallow MYCJ-30103]


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