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Paul Strandberg,cornet,vocal
Marie-Christine "Kiki" Desplat,cornet,vocal
Dymitr Markiewicz,trombone
Lars-Erik Strom,calarinet,altosax
Frans Sjostrom,bassax
Ragnar Tretow,Drums
Jan Lundgren,piano

1.Idolizing (Messheimer-Abrahamson-west)
2.Rhythm King (Hoover)
3.At the Jazz Band Ball (LaRocca-Shields)
4.Futuristic Rhythm (McHugh)
5.I Found a Million Dollar Baby (Warren-Rose-Dixon)
6.Margie (Davis-Conrad-Robinson)
7.Waiting at the End of the Road (Berlin)
8.She's a Great,Great Girl (Woods)
9.Everybody Loves Somebody Blues (Long-Mares-Pecora)
10.Thou Swell (Rodgers-Hart)
11.From Monday On (Barris-Crosby)
12.My Pet (Yellen-Ager)
13.When You're With Somebody Else (Etting-Gilbert)
14.Somebody Stole My Gal (Wood)
15.Ida-Sweet As Apple Cider (Munson-Leonard)
16.Clementine (Creamer-Layton)
17.Mississippi Mud (Barris)
18.I'll Be a Friend with Pleasure (Pinkard)

1993.10.30-31 [SITTEL SITCD 9210]


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