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Lars Erstrand.vibraphone
Jan Lundgren.piano
Arne Wilhelmsson.bass
Ronnie gardiner.drums
Bob Barnard.cornet(5-8)
Danny Moss.tenor saxophone(9-13)

6.Small Fry(H.Carmichael)
7.fascinating Rhythm(G.Gershwin)
8.Struttin' With Some Barbeque(L.Armstrong-D.Raye)
10.The Talk Of The Town(J.lewinson-M.Symes-A.Neiburg)
11.A Tisket A Tasket(E.Fitzgerald-V.Alexander)
12.lester Leaps In(L.Young)
13.Easter Parade(I.Berlin)

1995.7.25/12.1[Opus 3 CD 19405]


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