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Niklas Fredin,vocal,trumpet
Jan Lundgren,piano
Hans Andersson,accostic bass
Lars "Baker" Andersson drums

1.Divine (N,Fredin)
2.When You're Not Here (J.Lundgren)
3.It Don't Mean a Thing (D.Ellington)
4.Angel Eyes (M.Dennis/E.Brent)
5.Moment's Notice (J.Coltrane/L.Andersson,N.Fredin)
6.Love Is Here to Stay (G&I. Gershwin)
7.Bye,Bye,Blackbird (R.Henderson/M.Dixon,P.Lee)
8.Vinterblues (H,Andersson)
9.Fraglie Hearts (N. Fredin)
10.Summertime (G&I.Gershwin)



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