[From ACC secretariat]

We are sorry for not having updated our home page for a long time. The number of visitors is already over 1,000 (as of June) and we can almost hear the anxious voices looking forward to new information from regulars. Please be patient. Our home page will be renewed dramatically by mid July. The dealer's map II for East Osaka area will be up soon too. (We are sorry but it is currently only available for Osaka area).

In May and June, some get-together parties were held in the Kinki area It was a good opportunity to get to know each other and exchange our enthusiasm. There will be another in the Osaka area on Sunday, the 3rd of December, as a the last get together for the year 2000.

[Introduction of new catalogues]

There are so many catalogues that we would like to introduce but it is technically impossible (due to the small capacity). Please enjoy our review of selected catalogues. Let's begin with the so-called Japanese M3 HONDA ACCORD EURO R.

As you know, the ACCORD EURO R is a brushed up version of the popular European model, EURO ACCORD TYPE R. The regular ACCORD and ACCORD WAGON were given minor changes. The M3's rival is what we call the Japanese S4, SUBAL LEGACY B4. There were no modifications in the engine. The front end has some modifications to make it lighter in weight, such as the installation of an aluminum engine hood. The LEGACY WAGON had some changes as well. The LANCASTER now has a loaded engine. a boxer 3 litter and 6 cylinder. I have test-driven both the EURO R and B4, and it is really hard to say which is better. Both are great! The EURO has a sensual blow V-TEC and a good feel like BMW's. The B4's true value is it's 2 stage turbo with 280 horse power (260 horse power for AT), which offers full torque, and yet remains smooth. The sports shifter is attractive, which is no less than the real TIPTRO. Not to mention, the quietness and comfort factors in both cars still remain as high as for a practical sedan.

You must wonder why the 2nd SOARER is in the new catalogue section. The new SILVIA with a barrio roof, similar to the one on MERCEDES BENZ SLK has been released! But, this barrio roof has been introduced in Japan before. A long time before the SLK, in 1989, the 2nd SOARER had a limited edition of 500. The SOARER AEROCABIN wasn't popular since it was designed as a 2 seater to provide storage space and the price was quite high, at 4,300,000 yen. The VARIETTA has rear seats and the price is a reasonable 3,000,000 yen. Therefore, we shall declare the victor is VARIETTA.

VW POLO and FIAT PUNTO models have been renewed. The POLO has a 1.4 liter engine. And, although the PUNTO has only a 1.2 litter engine, there are many remarkable functions such as the DOHC 16 bulb heads and CVT, with 6 sequential shifts applied. What is more, the POLO GTI and PUNTO HGT ABARTH are equivalent in power and price.

We admit that this is a rather unreasonable comparison. No one would see these two as objects of comparison. However, the engine size (2000cc) on both cars is the same. As for size, the PT CRUISERS is 4288 x 1705 x1600 and the OPA is 4250 x 1695 x 1525. They are very similar. Both, are 5 door SUV (TYPE), and the prices for the PT CRUISER is 2,300,000 (CLASSIC) and the OPA S PACKAGE is 2,180,000 yen. Now can you tell how similar in character these 2 cars are? Furthermore, both don't belong to any specific genre, but instead to niche market. For your information, the PT CRUISER is sold out for this year. Finally, the catalogues for the OPA reveal the most outstanding design quality for TOYOTA automobiles.

Common points are two points; 1. large body size and spacy room. 2. perhaps, it won't sell many. The name has changed to PRONARD, but it is a different model of AVALON. Unfortunately, it seems that nothing was learnt from previous mistakes with AVALON in regard to the sales scheme. Unlikely to be in USA, full size sedan like this won't sell very well in Japan. Higher quality exterior design is preferred in Japan. What is worse is the brand image for PRONARD as same as AVALON is relatively weak. Obviously 300M with impressive front design won.

a get-together party in osaka

a get-together party in nara
On the 7th of May, a get-together party was held at the Osaka Morinomiya Seisyonen Hall, after 4 years since last time. The attendance was only 16 people, but some were new comers and some had come long way for the party. It was a productive and fruitful time, indeed. There was another party held on the 24th of June in Nara Seisyonen Hall, hosted by a ACC member, Iwatsuki-san. There were approx. 40 people in attendance and the room was very lively. It proved that the members' activities have been restored. The next party will be in Tokyo on Sunday, the 20th of August.

Holiday Auto BG, the used car magazine, has setup an old car catalogue section for in their home page. The instigator was a ACC member, Oda-san from Aichi prefecture, as some of you may know. ACC Japan and Shiosai Kikaku are listed at the end in credit for their assistance. The topic of discussion was the TOYOTA AE 86, and is 16 pages long.